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Welcome to the video game claiming community! Yeah, another one. ;P

1. You may only claim characters from video games.(Exceptions are made for video games that were turned into anime/manga and vice-versa; for example, Star Ocean 2: The Second Story had an anime made for it, but it still counts. However, you can only claim characters that appeared in the game! Please be honest; I haven't played every single game out there, so I wouldn't know with some of them, but with some I can tell.) It doesn't matter if the game was made in Japan, America, or anywhere--if it's a video game, it counts.
2. You may only claim one character, unless you're given permission (by me or whoever is administrating at the time) to claim another. Generally, you'll earn that right by winning contests.
3. No harrassing/flaming other claiming communities, and please no flames from other communities. People like claiming things, so more communities are made. Build a bridge and get over it. Likewise, I don't want anyone harrassing/flaming anyone else for claiming the character you want.

That's it. Simple, huh? Just make a post stating who you're claiming and from what game they're from, and you've got it. :3

Maintainer: kaizergurl For awhile I guess.

Here is a list of currently taken characters:

Batman Beyond
Terry McGinnis claimed by totalkaos

The Bouncer
Sion Barzahd claimed by final_creation

Breath of Fire: Dragon Quarter
Ryu claimed by bluegummybear

Bust A Groove
Kitty-N claimed by cherrypop

Bubsy claimed by caitieness

Alucard claimed by miyu

Cel Damage
Violet claimed by ultreviolet

Chrono Trigger
Marle claimed by rinoa
Frog claimed by dosei_chan

Dance Dance Revolution
Akira claimed by orionfirefly
Rage claimed by xxstacey

Dead or Alive
Hitomi claimed by soan

Devil May Cry
Dante claimed by 13th_deity

Final Fantasy 4
Cecil claimed by _eli_boulton_

Final Fantasy 6
Celes Chere claimed by owa3
Edgar Roni claimed by shaolin

Final Fantasy 7
Vincent Valentine claimed by ladyfenrir
Cloud Strife claimed by shuimei
Aerith Gainsborough claimed by indilime
Reno claimed by sapphire_neko
Tifa Lockhart claimed by sora
Rufus claimed by enthroned

Final Fantasy 8
Rinoa Heartilly claimed by the_way_i_am
Squall Leonheart claimed by apika
Seifer Almasy claimed by mildmay
Zell Dincht claimed by neko4
Quistis Trepe claimed by quistisfan
Fujin claimed by jennilee_rose

Final Fantasy 9
Kuja claimed by sibuxiang
Beatrix claimed by rainecloud

Final Fantasy 10
Yuna claimed by xwxkanaxwx
Tidus claimed by merulu
Kimahri claimed by mykaelus
Auron claimed by ohzaru
Lulu McBrea claimed by ravien
Wakka claimed by taibur
Rin claimed by chozo
Rikku claimed by [Bad username: <&quot;totalkaos&quot;]

Fire Emblem 4
Cuan claimed by catfight

Grandia 2
Feena claimed by sakurapinku
Millenia claimed by teddy

Guilty Gear
Testament claimed by kailan
Faust claimed by kenjimurasame
Johnny claimed by mystmoon

King of Fighters
Kyo Kusanagi claimed by waterlilyyuna
Vanessa claimed by rave_epic
K' claimed by videogirlmirai

Kingdom Hearts
Donald Duck claimed by madamluna
Sora claimed by sharpies
Yuffie Kisaragi claimed by beautyfuldsastr

Knuckles Chaotix
Vector claimed by alianari

The Legend of Zelda
Link claimed by headlesscactus

The Lord of the Rings
Legolas Greenleaf claimed by atsuki
Frodo Baggins claimed by fuuh
Aragorn claimed by underwood

Lunar: Eternal Blue
Lucia claimed by killen_prophet

Lunar Silver Star Story Complete
Alex of Burg claimed by lady_riddel

Plantman claimed by vejiraziel
Quickman claimed by vejiraziel

Megaman Battle Network 2
Quickman.exe claimed by merti

Megaman X
Dynamo claimed by dynamo_hunter_a
Zero claimed by zeroconcubine

Megaman Zero
Harpia claimed by return_x
Fefnir claimed by princessfire

Metal Gear
Solid Snake claimed by silverbird94

Metal Gear Solid 2
Vamp claimed by scottrazorwing

Samus Aran claimed by delara

Mortal Combat DA
Frost claimed by dead_roses

Parasite Eve 2
Aya Brea claimed by lovedestiny

Phantasy Star 4
Wren claimed by taibur

Pop'n Music 7
Zizz claimed by madamluna

Resident Evil 2
Leon Kennedy claimed by megumi_sama

Rival Schools
Akira claimed by darkmousy

Rockman Dash
Juno claimed by novastrike

Rockman Zero
Phantom claimed by gameslave_gaz

Shining Force
Julian claimed by joshu

Silent Hill
Lisa Garland claimed by forever_alone

Sonic the Hedgehog
Tails claimed by spiralslash
Sonic claimed by integernine
Dr. Eggman claimed by kokochan

Sonic Adventure
Tikal claimed by ibf526
Amy Rose claimed by ibf526

Soul Caliber
Siegfried claimed by jadedphyre

Soul Reaver
Raziel claimed by inuyashagal

Star Ocean 2: The Second Story
Leon claimed by yzak
Bowman Jean claimed by farwell
Claude C. Kenni claimed by nchantedsakura
Ashton Anchors claimed by pinionedangel

Street Fighter
Chun-Li claimed by badxpanda012

Streets of Rage
Shiva claimed by mogujie

Suikoden III
Thomas claimed by grimmhookie
Jacques claimed by maxi_the_pirate

Super Street Fighter 2
Vega claimed by digitaltempest

Tech Romancer
Twinzam Victory claimed by googuru_girl

Xiaoyu claimed by dokuza

Tekken 4
Hwoarang claimed by bubble_tea

Threads of Fate
Rue claimed by kaizergurl

Valkyrie Profile
Lezard Valeth claimed by cutelildrow

Bartholomei Fatima claimed by ker0chan

Xenosaga Episodes 1
Albedo claimed by kage_matsuri

Link claimed by star_pixie